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Letterpress and signed Yoga illustrations, printed with a crisp impression into cotton handmade paper

Choose if you’d like the art print framed or unframed

Garudasana - eagle pose, for the reminder to stay balanced and focused, even in a challenge
Chakrasana - for lovers of the challenging, energetic and heart opening backbends
Janushirshasana - for the traditional hatha yogis and dancers
Uttanasana - a surrendering, calming pose, a reminder to take time for yourself

Frame size 130 x 175mm, brass /mixed metal and glass, which folds shut to keep the print pressed between the glass. Cotton fabric to hang.
Raw Handmade paper in soft cottony white (approx 110 x 150mm)

Framed / Unframed:
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Please note: Our art prints and gift cards are lovingly, individually handprinted in small batches, using an antique printing press and hand mixed inks. We cannot guarantee they will be the same colour as in the photo. The colours and saturation will also slightly vary from batch to batch.