Our collection of semi-custom designs are perfect for the lovers and dreamers who want to set the tone of their wedding
with unique, quality invitations.
The designs in the Bohemian Dream range have all been created with hand drawn delicate details, and many hours of mediative pattern drawing. Choosing from the collection will mean the hours of drawing and design have been done for you, and all there is left is to do is tailor them to your love story. 

Our designs are quite flexible and are customised in a number of ways.
Hand lettering is included for your names, and elements in the design, for example making a feature of the date or location with the use of hand lettering.
Ink colours are all hand-mixed to your preference. We always recommend natural, earthy hues, blush tones, or deep-ocean navy blues for the best match to our designs.
Envelopes from our collection of eco options are included in the cost, and can be customised with hand lettering, or digitally printed.
Design elements in our collection can be simplified if you prefer a more minimal design. Patterns within our Semi-Custom Collection can be mix and matched over different pieces in a suite. If you prefer to have no pattern at all, that's totally fine too.
Add On's & Extras include options to further tailor designs to your day. Add extra shine with foil, or additional letterpress inks, cute maps, or time-saving options like envelope addressing. Request one of our handy Info Packs for illustrated options and details.


Completely custom design We take on a very limited number of custom designs per year, so if you have your heart set on a custom, please inquire early. A custom design from our studio will incur a one off custom design fee, covering the entire stationery suite. 

Printing takes longer with this “slow print” process!
3-5 weeks for our semi-custom designs
4-8 weeks for a custom design.
Please note, our timelines above are from the date a deposit is received, to when the invitations are ready to post out. Add another 2 weeks for inquiries, finalising payment, preparing your wording, and an extra 1 week for postage to be safe. Rush Orders are available at an additional rate, subject to availability.

Below is a handy illustration of the most popular wedding suites we find our customers ordering, as well as some pricing starting points.


Custom design or Semi-Custom
Have you fallen in love with a design in our collection or would you like to work with us to create a custom design, unique to you?

How many invitations will you need once you account for couples and families sharing?

The Set
Have a think about what you will need - does a simple set feel true to you, or do you want to make sure your guests feel like they have all the info they need to prepare for their part in the event?
Do you want to honour traditions and await lovely returned rsvp’s in the mail, or are you comfortable with an email rsvp address?

Special Requests
Is there anything you feel will really set the tone for your unique theme and have been dreaming of? Specific colours, a mood, a vibe, a special note to illustrate the venue? We would love to make your vision come to life, so let us know early on about any special requests. We can incorporate special requests into designs from our collection, or custom designs.


The letterpress process is truly the most luxurious way of printing; once you feel and see the tactile impression, you’ll fall in love.
Not too many people know about this vintage printing technique so here are a few key points to keep in mind:

Each colour, side of the paper and piece in the set is printed one at a time. A printing plate needs to be etched for every separate colour, so for example, having a small element in a different colour will add significantly to the cost.

A“blind impression” where it seems there is no ink, and is just the impression into the paper will still count as a “second colour”. As above, it will require a new printing plate, and to be printed separately, one at a time.

More info on the letterpress process is available here.

Planning your wedding isn't something you do every day and can feel a little overwhelming!
Please feel free to get in touch with our studio via email or give us a call to discuss options. We can chat about your day and help you work out the best invitation solution for you. If you are in Sunny Perth, a meeting at our West Perth studio can be arranged to see samples and chat about your wedding vision - please contact us to arrange an appointment.