For the dreamers, the wanderers and the lovers who crave a unique, hand perfected design to tell their story.

We make intricate, fine detailed designs, printed to perfection into premium papers. Our unique designs come from the heart and soul.
— Emily (Founder & Art Director)


The Little Press started out as one little hand operated printing press named 'Leo', and very quickly grew into something much bigger. Whilst freelancing as a graphic designer, Emily was making tactile letterpress art out of her hand drawn designs, as a way to nurture her creative soul away from the computer screen. The Little Press has it's roots in art and design, which makes our style so unique and unmistakable.

Our main press (aka 'Big Boy' / 'Buffalo'), a beautiful old Chandler & Price, weighing in about 650 kilos in an old garage near the ocean. He allows us to get that beautiful, tactile impression into a large area of our paper, with his own two tonnes of momentum. He needs the sheets to be hand fed - one at a time - adding a beautiful slowness to our production to really focus, with the time to make sure each piece is printed perfectly.


We are a small team of designers and letterpress printers working from our sunny studio in Perth, West Australia.

 The Little Press was born at a time where Emily (founder, designer, letterpress printer) and Rob (letterpress printer) were spending months on end in India - a land where everything is crafted by hand. Years of travelling to far flung places, collecting inspiration from many different cultures and experiences all comes through in our designs. Like offerings from far away lands to inspire the hearts of our clients. 

Our designs all start as hand penned illustrations and typography which gives a unique look and a perfectly imperfect soul.

We work with clients across Australia and the world for beautiful letterpress wedding stationery. 
We also work with some lovely small businesses, to provide letterpress business cards and branding as well as logo designs.


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