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The Little Press


Not too many people know about this vintage printing technique so here are a few key points to keep in mind. 



Colours & sides in letterpress
Our letterpress machine is 85 years old, made with incredible engineering and doesn’t require electricity to run - safe to say, it’s an antique.

Each colour we print and side of the paper we print requires a different printing plate to be made. This involves a photographic film process, a raised printing plate with the design etched, set on the press and perfected till we are confident it is printing perfectly!

Each colour will add significantly to the amount of time and effort required to print, and therefor adding to the cost. This is the same with additional pieces in the set and also blind printing which has no ink, but only the deep impression on the white paper.

We use premium Crane Lettra in Pearl White as a standard in our studio, along with Fluoro white. For the effort and time required for letterpress printing, we figure it’s important to have the best quality papers to get the most out of the printing. We can special order other stocks, and have experimented with a vast range of other brands, colours and textures. 

Print Only’s for Designers
We are happy to “print only” for graphic designers and illustrators who need letterpress printing without the design. Please email us for a quote.

Minimum Orders
We don’t have minimum orders, but please keep in mind that with letterpress printing, the high set up costs mean it will be a lot of time, effort and money in set up fees for only a short print run.

Our handsome old letterpress machine needs to have each sheet hand fed to it, and each print is pressed one at a time. We hand mix our inks, and can match to a pantone colour for specific colours if needed. Our inks are all hand mixed, so it’s a fine art of the trained eye to get the colours just right. The saturation of the inks might change subtly throughout the print run. The registration may shift on the page ever so slightly too, but as perfectionists, we take great pride in the quality of our printing.

Deep Impression
The tactile nature of letterpress has become the beautiful tell-tale sign that there is something really special about this print or business card you are holding. Our press comes together with two tonnes of pressure to squish the printing plate and cotton paper together, but it is a delicate art, and the press does have impression limits. The smaller the area and finer the lines, the more impression we will be able to achieve. A full A4 page of solid image will be too large for a huge area of deep impression - and will become more of a kiss. This is something to consider if you are a designer sending us art for print onlys. As the designers who are the printers, all of our designs have the luxury of being designed for the best letterpress result.

As lovers of the environment and earthy textures and hues, we include eco-envelopes with all of our wedding quotes unless stated otherwise. This covers a range of 100% post consumer recycled envelopes or 30% post-consumer recycled, with the other 70% coming from sustainably managed forests. We can quote for an upgrade to 100% cotton envelopes to match our papers, or arrange for a special envelope colour, texture or sparkle from our suppliers.


How we work
We will send through a quote for your request, with a few options and extras to choose from. Once you let us know the items you would like to proceed with, we send through the deposit details which outlines the details of your order and the 40% deposit.

Once the deposit is received and we have all of your final wording for your invitations, we can start the design process. A first draft will be sent via email with a couple of options. From there you have 3 rounds of changes to make sure the design is absolutely perfect, triple spell checked, numbers and dates cross checked! 

Once a design is signed off we can not be responsible for any spelling errors or incorrect info. Having hand lettering means your designs are completely personalised, but please understand we are humans and it’s your responsibility to make sure any spelling errors are picked up.

After sign off, we start the production, creating printing plates for each colour, piece and side which will be printed. Turn around for printing is 1.5 -3weeks. During this time we send you the balance, gather your postage details so it can be sent out or collected from our studio as soon as the beautiful prints are ready!

How will it arrive?
Invitations will be wrapped separately in bundles of invite / info cards / envelopes, for you to assemble into the envelopes yourselves - admiring each one of your beautiful invitations. If required, we can assemble your invitations for you - stack them perfectly or wrap them up in a belly band, address and seal the envelopes - at an additional cost.

Postage - Australian clients and Worldwide
One express post service is included with all of our quotes for clients across Australia.

We post all of our orders via express registered post with signature on delivery. For the amount of time, effort and love required to make your invitations or letterpress prints, we ensure that they are as safe as possible on their journey to you! 

For international clients, we will provide an estimate upon quoting, and a final quote once your order is finalised at the Custom Order Form & deposit stage - as we will know how large and heavy it will be. Orders are sent registered courier post with tracking information available.

Turn Around
Generally our template based designs require 2-4 weeks from start to finished product, and a custom order will generally take 3-8 weeks. 

If you are an organised bride and have lots of time up your sleeve, then starting the process 2-3 months before you need your invitations in hand is great. 

We can work to tighter deadlines, and if you are really pushed for time, we can add a “rush fee” to guarantee your designs are turned around as quickly as physically possible! Ensuring 24hour turn around on design changes and 2 weeks for printing.


Custom design
Our custom designs are all created as one-off pieces of personalised art. For example our custom lace designs can be hand illustrated from images of the lace on your wedding dress. Or we can incorporate elements from your location, conveying the dreaminess and mood of your wedding setting. Needless to say, a custom design requires so much time, energy and love to create. For this reason, we only take on a limited number of custom designs per week. If you are dreaming of a custom design, please get in touch as soon as possible to secure a spot in our custom schedule.

We have a very unique style in our studio - all of our designs are hand penned and inspired by lead designer Emily’s lust for decorative detail, far away lands, personalised elements of typography and pattern. This is all taken from our travels around this big beautiful world, a childhood as the daughter of a gypsy who then went on to graduate design school, encountered deep spirituality and who’s wandering free spirit was never tamed. Our style is authentic - not for everyone, and not to be replicated.

Our designs, patterns and hand lettering is all copyright. Any replications of our patterns and designs come under the protection of copyright law. We supply our clients with designs from their invitations which can be used on their personal wedding website banners, for their personal wedding video ect.